Tighter Enforcement on Shipments into Canada

Please be aware that Canada customs has become more rigorous about enforcing documentation requirements. Shipments lacking full product descriptions are experiencing delays and fees. 

The following explanation comes from UPS Freight: 

Over the past few years, Canada customs has been asking us to ensure that all bills of lading have a very defined description of the goods being shipped.  They have threatened penalties in the past, but we are at the point now where we are receiving them. 

Not only will we receive penalties, but our trucks will be thoroughly inspected, which causes service delays.  The first penalty will be $500, second will be $750, and third and subsequent will be $1,500.  These penalties will be passed to the paying party for not shipping the items as required. 

Please note the importance of having a detailed description on your BOLs as well as providing the pickup driver a copy of the customs documents so the shipments can move flawlessly over the border.  Another important item is to make sure we have a complete breakdown on the number of boxes/cases on the skid.  When we are shipping to Canada, we cannot just transmit 1 skid to customs, they need to know how many pieces are on the order.