Truckload Capacity Tightens After Hurricane

Available trucks have gotten even harder to find, especially along the East Coast, following Hurricane Florence.  Already tight, capacity has gotten even tighter as equipment is allocated to reconstruction projects in the Carolinas.

Truckload rates have been in record territory for 10 months now, and that will continue at least through the end of the year.  Expect spot rates to climb from here, especially once the holiday surge kicks in.

Shippers willing to pay higher rates may still struggle to cover loads as demand overwhelms supply.  Planning ahead is your friend if you need truckload services in the current environment.  UTS is more likely to cover a truckload shipment at a reasonable price if you:
  • Give advance notice of at least two days.
  • Extend the pickup window across multiple days.
  • Load and unload shipments in a timely manner.