SERVICE ALERT: LTL Service Failures Hit Record High

The UTS On-time Performance Index hit a record low reading of 66.9% in December. This means one in three LTL shipments experienced a service issue such as a missed pickup, late delivery, or damage in transit.

The primary reason is a shortage of experienced drivers and terminal employees. LTL carriers are operating shorthanded with portions of their workforces in COVID-19 protocols. In some cases, carriers have temporarily closed entire terminals affected by COVID-19.

Secondary reasons include severe weather events and very tight capacity within LTL carrier networks.

Service failures have increased significantly among nearly all regional and national carriers. For that reason, we recommend you do not ban a carrier when a service failure occurs. The widespread and fast-changing nature of this issue makes bans ineffective and harms you in the long run by removing a carrier option.

How UTS can help

  • Our OnTime metric reflects the carrier's recent performance on the specific lane.
  • Our Best Value carrier ranking methodology automatically adjusts for changes in carrier pricing and service performance.
  • We offer guaranteed service options when on-time delivery is important.
  • Our service alerts notify you when a service failure occurs.
  • Your account manager can help navigate the current LTL environment.