UTS Protects You from Carrier Fraud

Carrier fraud is on the rise. Virtual carriers, chameleon carriers, and cargo theft rings are all trying to rip you off.

Fraudulent carriers currently are using four different techniques to scam you:

  1. Accept a load offer even though they do not hold a valid operating authority, exposing you unseen liability.
  2. Invoice you for a phantom shipment or a shipment actually moved by a legitimate carrier.
  3. Pick up your freight and hold it hostage.
  4. Pick up your freight and sell it on the black market.

UTS keeps you safe in this fraudulent environment.

  • We use services like FreightGuard and MyCarrierPacket as a starting point for banning unsafe and fraudulent carriers.
  • Additionally, we verify every program carrier with our own stringent list of requirements.
  • Every time we dispatch a load, we confirm that the person on the other end of the transaction is a verified employee of that carrier.

Our protections stop fraud attempts multiple times per week. In one memorable interaction, an organized theft ring tried to steal a trailer holding 25,000 pounds of copper. The ring set up a fake carrier operation complete with a website, phone lines, and a valid MC number. Our internal processes uncovered the deception and kept the trailer out of the hands of the thieves.